Wyandanch is a public nightmare, a ghetto of the worst proportions. Gangbangers war openly on the streets. Drug dealers carve neat little slices off for themselves, hosting heated rivalries with one another for territory and product. Prostitutes line the corners like morose statues. The people are dispirited enough to either turn to a life of crime or a life of hard drugs.

The town is seriously fucked up.

Bit players:

Raul Estarla, the druglord. This is (mostly) his territory, and nothing happens smoothly without his blessing.

Wallace Brady, the head of the local Gang. Unfalteringly loyal to Hakeem, he’s the druglord’s right hand man.

Darul Peters, the pimp. A largely neutral force whose ears hear more than his lips say.

Elijah Adams, the head of the local clinic. A driving force behind the “Wyandanch clean-up” movement, he is less than popular with most of the underbelly. The only thing that keeps the others from icing him is that they need his clinic.


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